Is it safe to come into the practice? 
What do I do when I arrive at the practice?

We have take all of the appropriate precautions to keep you safe whilst int he practice. 

Please do call and speak to a member of our team if you are worried about coming into the practice.

You MUST report to the reception team on your arrival, do NOT take a seat until you have been asked to do so.

COVID 19 PANDEMIC - What does this mean for Primary Care?

Since March 2020, Primary Care has been made to change rapidly in order to make sure that we meet the needs of the patient as well as keeping both the public and staff safe. 

Since then, we have taken steps to make Town Medical Centre as safe as possible with the addition of: 

  • Extra hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and by reception 

  • Reverted to a telephone triage system for GP Appointments 

  • Restricted access to our nurses for non urgent cases 

  • Implemented a rigorous cleaning schedule 

  • Staff (both clinical and non clinical) will wear a face covering whilst in patient areas

  • Removed books and toys from the waiting area 

  • Spaced out chairs in reception according to government guidance

As a patient entering the practice we ask that you follow the guidance as below: 

  • Please do NOT enter the building unless you have been asked to come in

  • Please do NOT bring relatives with you (unless you are a carer or a parent) 

  • Do NOT arrive early or late for your appointment 

  • Do NOT eat or drink in reception 

  • DO wear a face covering 

  • DO sanitize your hands on the way in 

  • DO check in with reception before you take a seat, so an area can be allocated to you


  • HANDING IN REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS - Please use the postbox located in the lobby 

  • BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT IN PERSON - Please call us to book an appointment at the appropriate times

  • REGISTRATIONS - Registration forms are