Patients who have registered for online access to their medical records can view all coded entries. 

This includes demographics, list of medical problems, medications, allergies, immunisations, results and values (such as blood pressure readings and weight).


There are, however, some sections of the medical records which are not accessible to patients online.  These include documents (such as hospital letters); and consultation notes.  The reason for this is that these sections often contain a lot of medical language and abbreviations so it can be difficult to understand them correctly.  Allowing patients unrestricted access to these sections without proper explanation could, in some cases, be confusing, upsetting or even harmful.


As it is not practical to tailor the online access settings individually, for each of our thousands of patients, as a practice we have to take the approach which is safest for everyone, including our most vulnerable patients.


Anyone wishing a full copy of their medical records is still entitled to request this in writing. For a first request, there is no fee, however, for repeated or excessive requests, there will be an administration fee to pay.


We hope this is useful in answering your query.  If you feel you need more information from your medical records regarding a specific problem or consultation, please arrange to speak with either the Practice Manager of the relevant doctor.