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Our four family doctors work with nurses, midwives, health visitors, social workers and a full supporting staff to provide a comprehensive primary care service for 6,000 patients in the Sevenoaks district.

The philosophy of our practice is based upon keeping comparatively small personal patient lists with a very favourable ratio of staff to the number of patients. In this way we aim to provide a personal service that is both friendly and efficient.

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The Town Medical Centre welcomes new patients from within a restricted boundary. Please telephone or call in for details of our practice area. We ask newly registering patients to complete a questionnaire bringing the doctor up-to-date with the current state of health.

For families with children we emphasise the particular importance of the immunisation and vaccination history of each child.

We encourage new patients to make an early appointment with our healthcare assistant for a check-up and introduction to our staff and facilities, when they submit their registration forms.

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The Practice is open from 8.00am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

We provide morning and afternoon surgeries everyday, and an extended hours service on Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays.

Please note that the surgery will be closed from 12.30 on the following dates for staff training:

13 Feburay 2014
12 March 2014
14  May 2014
19 June 2014
16 September 2014
5 February 2015
17 March 2015

Please telephone or call in for more details of specific surgery times.


heading image Patient Reference Group

End of Year 3  PRG Report
Whilst the Patient Reference Group (PRG) remained open to new members the membership profile for year 3 remained the same as the previous years, which we feel is still representative of our registered patients:-
8 Female – aged between 39 and 85
4 Male     -  aged between 15 and 73
The PRG continued to be advertised on website, practice leaflet and in practice. GP’s and Receptionists continued to try to engage patients when appropriate.
During Year 3 the Patient Reference Group was invited to suggest questions for a patient questionnaire and accordingly the questionnaire was prepared.
Reception handed out 100 questionnaires, of which all 100 were completed and returned. The results have been analysed and I have reported the findings to the PRG and invited their feedback.
We are delighted that 97% of you would recommend the Town Medical Centre to someone new to the area.  This is a very strong endorsement of the primary care medical and nursing service that we provide at Town Medical and the doctors, nurses and staff will do all they can to justify the confidence you have shown in us this year.
There are new developments coming along at Easter time with a new computer software system at the Practice which will enable the introduction of online booking and other services for patients during 2014/15.  Last year’s survey indicated that there was a growing interest amongst our patients for on-line facilities and now the results this year show that almost two thirds of you are interested in the availability of online booking of appointments as well as electronic touch screen checking in service and more information while you are waiting, e.g. of current appointment delays at the Surgery.  We will be working on these new services in the course of the coming year.
64% of you would like to be able to see a doctor or nurse outside of our usual surgery hours.  We are sure that the information that we are providing early surgeries from 7am will be welcome news to many. 
The practice is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday with surgeries as follows:-
Monday          3 x 2 hour surgeries (am) and 2 x 2 hour surgeries (pm)
Tuesday         3 x 2 hour surgeries (am) and 3 x 2 hour surgeries (pm
Wednesday    2 x 2 hour surgeries (am) and 2 x 2 hour surgeries (pm)
Thursday        3 x 2 hour surgeries (am) and 2 x 2 hour surgeries (pm)
Friday             2 x 2 hour surgeries (am) and 2 x 2 hour surgeries (pm)
In addition to this the following Extended Hours Surgeries are provided

Dr P Razzell        7.00 – 7.45am each Tuesday
Dr O Hofmann     7.00 – 7.45am each Tuesday
Dr J Cox               7.00 – 7.45am alternate Wednesdays
Dr A Taylor           7.00 – 7.45am alternate Wednesdays

Nursing appointments are available from 8.30am to 4.00pm each day
All appointments can be made by phone or by visiting the practice premises
Dr Philip Razzell
Senior Partner 

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